Ahlers Biogas

Ahlers Biogas is a wholly owned subsidiary of Geestferkel GmbH. As a company operating in the renewable energy sector, it is an important part of our sustainability strategy. In addition to the technology for slurry processing, the photovoltaic systems and the company’s participation in the Animal Welfare Programme, we also want to continue to develop in this business area.

Biogas Neudorf – electricity, heat and green biomethane

In 2006, we commissioned two biogas plants at the Neudorf site in Brandenburg, each with a connected load of twice 530 kilowatt hours of electrical power. In 2010 and 2011, another standard biogas plant was added for raw gas production with 1900Nm3 raw gas per hour. The raw gas is, in turn, processed into 700 Nm3 of biomethane in Neudorf and partly marketed to the fuel market. Further raw gas quantities are utilised to produce 530kW of electricity at the plant site and 530 kW at the site of a plastics plant for heating the factory.

In total, we produce roughly 16,600 megawatt hours of electrical power and 10,200 megawatt hours of thermal power in Neudorf with eight combined heat and power plants. Another 61 million kWhHS are fed into the natural gas grid as biomethane at the site and serve to supply sustainable CHP concepts at the heat sinks of Stadtwerke Pritzwalk, EMB and EON, as well as many biomethane end customers. We use the heat generated at the sites in the neighbouring properties. Our 3 heating circuits with high-temperature heat at 180 degrees, engine-temperature heat at 65 degrees and recycling heat at 45 degrees are particularly innovative. Due to our heat recycling solution, we enjoy a 30 % higher rate of efficiency than other full CHP plants. In total, the Ahlers Biogas Group saves up to 25,000t CO2 /year. Due to the high amount of slurry used as feedstock, the CO2 savings are significantly higher than in comparable biogas plants.

Jörn Ahlers is responsible for commercial management operations, as well as the plant site’s technical management needs. Together with six full-time employees and one part-time employee, we take care of biogas production, all agricultural activities for silo and fodder management, as well as digestate removal. As a reliable partner, we have been working for many years with SIL GmbH, which handles the logistics of digestate removal and marketing to agricultural companies.

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