Geestferkel makes the difference.

Sustainable piglet breeding thanks to optimal animal health and high-level hygiene standards. That’s Geestferkel. The Ahlers family farm has thrived at the heart of Germany’s Wildeshauser Geest region for over 500 years. Now in our 13th generation, we embrace our responsibility – for our animals and for the environment. Our own standards make us special. Geestferkel works specifically on a pathogen-free basis and adheres to the highest health standards. Modern pen technology, participation in an Animal Welfare Programme and an unparalleled willingness to innovate make the difference: super-healthy Geest piglets, full of vitality.

For us, responsibility for the environment means: Using resources efficiently. Using technology with precision. Biogas plants and modern slurry processing are among the most important pillars of sustainability on our farm. As a company, we focus on cohesion. That’s because: Successful agriculture only works as a team. Get stuck in, get involved and shine a light on your own strengths – together, we are always developing.


We want to be able to continue farming successfully in the future. That is why we are always working to conserve our resources ...


High-quality and responsible work pays off. Our Geest piglets are the product of top animal husbandry and the highest animal welfare standards ...


In addition to our slurry processing technology, the photovoltaic systems and our participation in an Animal Welfare Programme, the work of Ahlers Biogas also represents an important undertaking ...


Working for Geestferkel

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