Our Geest Piglets

High-quality and responsible work pays off. Our Geest piglets are the product of top animal husbandry and the highest animal welfare standards. Geestferkel works specifically on a pathogen-free basis and in adherence to the highest health standards. This is exactly what makes the difference: Extremely healthy Geest piglets, full of vitality. Thanks to our special hygiene system with three different pen areas, germs don’t stand a chance.

Danish-Genetic sow

The Danish-Genetic sow combines the world’s leading genetics. Efficient meat production through optimal feed conversion together with high daily gains are a guarantee for resource conservation and profitability.

Duroc boar

The Duroc boar guarantees robust pigs with maximum vitality and plenty of intramuscular fat. This ensures both great taste and homogeneity.

Our Geest Piglets

Our Geest piglets enjoy the highest level of health with SPF status and are safeguarded by the Circo vaccination. We supply 200 to 1200 piglets per batch.

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