We embrace responsibility

We want to be able to continue farming successfully in the future. That is why we are always working to conserve our resources and thus do our bit to protect the environment. Consequently, for example, we have worked with experienced partners to develop a system that treats highly polluted wastewater – such as liquid manure and fermentation residues. We also produce our own electricity with our photovoltaic systems, and we participate in an Animal Welfare Programme.


Our slurry and digestate treatment is based on the classic activated sludge process and takes place in a closed, insulated, cylindrical biology tank, as well as in a technician container. Slurry and digestate first pass through a coarse and then a fine separator. The resulting solid material can then be used as compost on our farms. The leachate produced is fed into a pit and then passes through various tanks where microorganisms carry out the actual decomposition and removal of nutrients and organic substances from the wastewater. Thanks to our advanced solutions, we save approximately 45,000 litres of diesel and roughly 170,000 kg of nitrogen per year at Geestferkel with an annual volume of 30,000 cubic metres of slurry and digestate.



Thanks to our photovoltaic systems, we produce our own electricity. For example, we have 750 kW of installed capacity at each of the Passow, Schwasdorf, Groß Roge, Kusey and Sanne sites. At the Kletzke site, this number is 50 kW and at our headquarters in Düngstrup, it is currently 450 kW. Another 550 kW are planned there.


We want our animals to be well. That is why we have been participating in an Animal Welfare Programme since 2014 and have extensively renovated our pens, always with our animals in mind. As part of the programme, we feed maise and lucerne to our sows and piglets, for example. Pellets made from lucerne serve as both an occupational material and a high-quality feed supplement. This is because lucerne is a valuable plant that supports the immune system of our animals and, at the same time, ensures a healthy stomach and intestinal flora. We have also laid out gunnysacks to support nest-building behaviour.


We are delighted by our top placement in the category
“Suckling Piglet Management” and say thank you!

Our farm manager, Kathrin Warschies, and her team look after 900 sows and their piglets at the Passow site. We were able to impress the jury with our creative approaches – such as the construction of a piglet chute and our intensive staff training in the Geest Piglet Academy.

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